Television Advertisements

The ad called “Family Owned” is the 1st Evans Glass Company ad Bill Evans did.  It initially aired January 3, 2003.  “Family Owned” began the episodic saga of a partial history of Evans Glass Company.

In each ad Bill talks about one or both of his parents.  Pink was his mother’s favorite color.  In 1956, when W. A. Evans began Evans Glass Company, glass companies painted their trucks various colors.  At the inception of Evans Glass Company all of the primary colors were already used by existing glass companies.  As W. A. (Bill) and Quindal Evans drove by a Cadillac dealer she noticed a pink 1956 Sedan de Ville.  She immediately challenged him to paint his truck “that color”.  He accepted her challenge and that is how our trucks became pink.

“You make the coffee; we’ll bring the cups” exemplifies the relationship we want to develop with every customer.  Drinking coffee together provides a relaxed warm atmosphere.  It’s a good way to get to know your customer. It just feels right to us.   

We hope you enjoy watching the ads.  We welcome your comments and also your suggestions.

7Evans Glass 65th Anniversary

Evans Glass 65th Anniversary