Evans Glass Residential Glass Services


At Evans Glass Company in the vibrant city of Nashville, TN, we pride ourselves on our distinctive approach to turning your dreams into transparent realities.

At Evans Glass, we pride ourselves on being a inspiration of distinctiveness, where our uniqueness extends far beyond the eye-catching attraction of our iconic pink trucks. What sets us apart is a legacy of excellence that resonates with our clients, instilling unwavering trust in Evans Glass for their most advanced endeavors. Imagine this: oversized custom mirrors that redefine spatial aesthetics, gracefully curved glass shower enclosures that elevate your bathing experience, and awe-inspiring entire walls crafted from the transparency of glass. Our collection extends beyond the extraordinary, encompassing the ordinary yet essential—foggy window panes are effortlessly replaced with precision, and the unbeatable warranty we offer is a proof to our commitment, covering both the glass itself and the skilled labor that brings visions to life.

Some of our unique products include:

* Shower Doors: Framed, Frameless                 
* Custom Wall & Vanity Mirrors                         
* Replacement Insulating Glass                         
* Glass Countertops
* Cabinet Glass
* Glass Shelves & Table Tops